Four Sisters EP

by Strahan Cole

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I recorded Four Sisters in 2010 and released it as a very limited edition CD in March 2011.

To celebrate New Zealand Music Month, I'm re-releasing it in May as a choose-your-own-price download right here!


Little Fire
Until The Light Fades
Alone 1: Till The End
Alone 2: Sailing


released May 1, 2011

I wrote and sang the songs, and played guitars and some percussion in them. Johnny Brock played bass and Ivan Luketina-Johnston played drums.
Rose Howcroft sang some backing vocals on two tracks, and Hayden Donnell played trumpet on two tracks.

The whole thing was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jason Hole.

And I'd do it all again.



all rights reserved


Strahan Cole Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Little Fire
Whales opened up and swallowed our bones
They spit the flesh and sang their haunted songs!
Take the bucket take the blood, take it to the walls
Our daughters will die and your sons, they will fall!

We're yawning or we're mourning, we're folding our bones
Cancer! Oh my! Gemini! Cancer! Oh my! Gemini!
Busy streets, taxi! Taxi! Busy phones
Whales swallowed up our bones, they spit the flesh and ate the bones

Swimming smooth beneath the snow
Draw a little fire out

Dusk is dawning, locusts swarming, burning the grain
Cancer! Pisces! Gemini! Cancer! Chemo! Then we die!
Angels, demons, lambs and lions eating sugarcane
Snakes and apples, waging battles, the quick and the slain

Swimming smooth beneath the snow
Draw a little fire out

When you buried your brother did the flowers feel familiar?
Come down from that tree, beat your hands against the floor
When you rushed to the shore had the sand become snow
The world is a mother, the world is a womb

Draw a little fire, come one, draw it out!

Swimming smooth beneath the snow
Draw a little fire out
Track Name: Until The Light Fades
You've got the sound in your hands now
You've got my head in your lap now
We'll just lie between the grass blades
Lie together till the light fades
Until the light fades

I've been watching while you listen
I like the way that I miss you
Every time a different colour
If I have children will you be their mother?
Until the light fades

I read the words
And I see their poetry
I'm reading Gospels from the palms of your hands

I hear your four sisters song
Let me hear your voice

You saved me from saving myself
How I crave the craft of his wealth
She'll move on because I won't bother
She'll be gone, then there'll be another

Until the light fades
Track Name: Alone 1: Till The End
The old buzzing wires are holding up the sky. Sometimes on days like this, I still see the child in your eyes. We forget about the jobs we work and dream of the one we never got, of how long before I played guitar I wanted to give an honest job a shot.
In my sober hangover I can see the whole valley and if you weren't my lover then, you could be my one and only.

I'll be alone till the end.

I proposed without a diamond ring, the next month shook you to the bone. I scribbled curses on the registration and spent the honeymoon alone.
Remember I was drowning and you appeared right at my side. You said "if you need help, just give me a signal" so I took my flare gun and I shot you till you died.

I'll be alone till the end.

When the old were young they fought in wars, they fought for gold and broken laws, when they got home their wives had found somebody new.

I'll be alone till the end.
Track Name: Alone 2: Sailing
I'm cooking fish on a fire in the belly of a whale, it was a year ago now that I set sail away from home, away from all I know. It was always my intention to get a little lost - a little lust was never lost my
ever-longing heart - it beat in time to keep the time to kill the time to kill.

The search for finer things delays the wine and wedding rings, but, oh! The finer things!

I'm 23 and restless I know I should settle down. I've tried, I've tried endless, but it's been twice now that I've been left alone with naught but age. Well she'll show up I'll thank you, yeah, I'll praise you like I should and everything that I believe will become misunderstood. Two boats sailing, crashing into one.

The search for finer things delays the wine and wedding rings, but, oh! The finer things!
I said the quest for finer things delays the wine and wedding rings, but, oh! The finer things!

This is the counter-call to all who fall, who were told the lie we told, who now gather round the crater, praying together, to whoever, that we might change for the slightly better. Dare we blame our mother or father that it's not off the radar that we're all just failures? This is a call against this all for a change!

Every echo or reflection of some far off sigh or glow will not go unnoticed and will remind me of a hope, so
I will take you now and build a home.